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VPS Management – What’s Included

Clients commonly ask what is included in a managed VPS. A managed VPS is a big step up from a normal VPS, and a better question might be “What is not included in a managed VPS?”. This post will hopefully clear up, once and for all, what we include in our managed VPS.

Account Transfers & Migrations

We’re always available to transfer or migrate accounts for you. We will perform unlimited automatic migrations, and up to 50 manual migrations. Automatic migrations are migrations between cPanel and cPanel. Manual migrations are migrations between another control panel and cPanel, which must be completed manually. For this reason, we’ll migrate up to 50 accounts manually.

cPanel Troubleshooting/Questions & Website Problems

We fully support cPanel, and we will troubleshoot and solve any error within cPanel. Likewise, we will answer any technical or non-technical questions you may have about cPanel.

We fully support any websites hosted on your server. If your website is not working due to a server error, we will fix the error within our 1 hour response time guarantee.

Custom Configurations & Third-Party Software

We provide best-effort support for third party software and custom configurations. If you’re having issues with a script or looking to install custom software, we provide the best-effort support for third-party software. “Best-effort support” means that we will perform research and attempt to solve the problem, but we will not contact the vendor for support.

End-User Support (add-on)

For our clients who have outgrown our reseller packages, end user support is available on all managed VPS as an add-on service. We’ll give you the same end user support that our clients know and love on our reseller hosting for an additional $29/month.

Read about our end user support services.