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Growing Pains & Getting Back to Excellence

It’s no secret that HostMyBytes has grown considerably over the first few months of 2015. Growth is something that entrepreneurs strive for — it’s the first sign of success. Many companies, however, become victims of their own growth.

This is partially due to the cyclical nature of support issues. Most support issues come from mediocre (sometimes even poor) server management, and poor server management creates more support issues. At HostMyBytes, we understand the implicit relation between support and server management.

In the coming weeks, you will be finding a lot of changes at HostMyBytes. For one, we’re in the process of revamping our support staff with only level 3 administrators. That means that tickets will get faster resolutions (no “In Progress” replies) and will be actively investigated from the start.

We’ve begun running a two-tiered support system where tier I comprises our first-responders who can handle 90% of support issues. Tier II  comprises our support leaders who handle complex issues, as well as issues relating to billing and sales.

To make that happen, we’ve brought on an entirely new support team. Meet some of our team leaders:

  • Andrew Sudduth (@HMBAndrew) – Andrew handles Tier I, Tier II, and Live Chat, with a focus on customer service.
  • Shiraz Gupta (@HMBShiraz) – I handle both Tier I and Tier II but focus on server administration tasks.
  • Jonathan A. – Jonathan handles Tier I, Tier II, focusing on our quality assurance within support to ensure that each client receives the same fantastic experience
  • Uttam G. – Uttam is a Server Analyst III and shift manager who works during the US business day.
  • Alex S. – Alex is a Server Analyst III and the graveyard shift manager who usually works during the US late night & early morning hours

How to Find Web Hosting with Solid Security

How to Find Web Hosting with Solid Security

One of the downsides to all the new technology related to web hosting these days is that security concerns have grown also. This is why it’s more important than ever to make sure the security of your web host is tight and effective. Here are a few ways to find web hosting services with solid security.

Frequent Backups

Despite the best intentions of any web hosting service, sometimes events occur that are beyond the host’s control. When emergencies happen, you want to know that your files will be secure anyway. One feature to look for in a web hosting service with an excellent ability to protect your files is an automatic and frequent backup program.

Ideally this should be as frequently as every day or every night in order to make sure that if an emergency happens, you are completely covered. You need to make sure that your files are safe or you should move on to another web hosting service that will be more reliable.

Frequent Updates

The Internet is always changing and the threats to online security frequently change as well. This means that for a web host to really be secure, they need to adapt to new threats in order to properly defend against them.

That’s why you should look for services that update their servers daily and use professional hardening techniques that are modern and up to date to prevent the servers from being breached. After all, if you’re going to entrust your sensitive information to a web host, you better make sure they can protect it properly.

If you want to get started with a web host that takes these precautions, you can contact us to get going with safer hosting right away.

CloudFlare Partners

HostMyBytes is an official CloudFlare partner. You can get a free CloudFlare account just by being a HostMyBytes client and enjoy all of the following features:

  • Content delivery network (CDN) – Have your site cached throughout the world for the fastest possible loading time
  • CloudFlare Security – Using CloudFlare’s honeypot data of millions of websites, it’s able to spot intruders–before they spot you
  • Advanced Analytics – Using CloudFlare’s analytics information, you can find out eve more information about your website visitors.
  • & more

To take advantage of this special offer, you can sign up for CloudFlare within cPanel on any of our shared hosting servers.