ActiveBytes Security & Management

HostMyBytes managed services include ActiveBytes security and management, our custom-developed solution to common security problems. After years of noticing the same issues, we realized that we can prevent issues before they happen. ActiveBytes security and management is our solution, and it saves users from headaches, potential downtime, and money.

Security – DDoS Protection, Hardening, & Datacenters

DDoS Protection DDoS attacks are a common attempt to bring websites offline. Many hosts are unprotected against these types of attacks, commonly leaving customers with a large bandwidth bill and nowhere to host their website. HostMyBytes understands this phenomenon, so all services are fully protected.

Pre-Hardened Servers – Servers are most vulnerable the second that they come online. Oftentimes, they are loaded with out-of-date software, and they’re missing a firewall and malware detection software. For security purposes, HostMyBytes hardens all servers using a pre-hardened template, with over 150 points of failure pre-checked.

Secure Datacenters – Your server is only as secure as its physical location. For this reason, HostMyBytes has servers in the world’s most secure datacenters, backed with 24/7 armed security and off-duty police officers. Customer data is treated with top priority, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Management – 24/7 Support, Administration & Monitoring

24/7 Support and Administrator Availability – We’re available 24/7 to help, with trained administrators always at the ready. Meet our admins 

24/7 Monitoring – Imagine waking up only to find out that your server has been down for the past six hours. Nothing is worse, since you can’t make up that lost time. HostMyBytes has devised a solution, with 24/7 monitoring. If a fault is detected within the server, a high-priority support ticket is automatically submitted and investigated, with no intervention required by the customer. This is just one way that we live up to our uptime guarantee, month in and month out.

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