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What Separates Our Reseller Accounts From the Competition

When it comes to feature-packed reseller accounts, we’re the new sheriff in town. We’re the absolute best at what we do, and we’re going to compare ourselves side-by-side with our competitors. See how we stack up!

HostMyBytes InnoHosting EZPZHosting SkyNetHosting
Disk Space  100 GB  20 GB  100 GB  100 GB
Bandwidth  Unlimited  350 GB  1200 GB  5000 GB
Master Reseller (yes/no) Yes No Yes Yes
End User Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
End User Support –
Avg Reply Time
19 minutes 1 hour About 24 hours 1 hour
Free Knowledgebase Articles 150 Free Articles 100 Free Articles 113 Free Articles None
Free SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes No
Free WHMCS License Yes Yes Yes Yes
DDoS Protection 100 GBPS None None None
Free Web Host Templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price per month $34.95 $42.95 $41.82 $79.95

*Disk space & bandwidth values have been calculated using the largest plan offered by each company
† Source: “End user support requests are dealt with in the order they are received, we make no guarantees for the response time on end user support tickets however we aim to respond within 24 hours.”

Web Hosting That’s DDOS-Proof!

DDOS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and is one of the most cumbersome and annoying attacks that is relatively difficult to defend against simply due to its nature. A DDOS attack involves overwhelming a server’s bandwidth capacity by using multiple proxies simultaneously to send traffic to the server. The problem is, a DDOS attack, on its surface, is exactly the same as if a website becomes too popular and many people visit it at the same time – causing server bandwidth capacity to reach its limit rendering the site inaccessible.

A recent article by CNET shockingly reveals that famous gaming corporations such as Riot Games and Blizzard have been successfully DDOS’d for many months. These gaming companies have over 20 million gamers, respectively, as they have some of the most popular multiplayer online games – but they’re still vulnerable to DDOS attacks which has cost them millions of dollars in lost revenue.

In another article by CNET, they disclose that the PlayStation Network, Call of Duty, and Destiny servers have also been successfully DDOS’d – causing significant server downtimes, leaving millions of gamers unsatisfied.

Gaming companies aren’t the only popular targets of DDoS attacks! Recently, the social network, Ello, has risen in its popularity and this sent red signals to DDOS criminals who launched an attack over one weekend, which prevented access to users for 45 minutes.

If your business depends primarily on 100% server uptime then you should consider our web hosting services! We have specialized in DDOS defense and our servers are DDOS-proof. You won’t have to worry about DDOS attacks – we guarantee a 100% server uptime. We also perform daily backups of our servers, so in case of any tragedies on your end or ours – have no fear, your data is backed up.

Don’t let your business success become hampered by DDoS. As the Ello incident has shown, if your business gains in popularity too quickly, it will become a target for DDOS attacks. You should consider our services a preventative measure against any future attacks.

HostMyByte utilizes 100 GBPS for DDOS fodder and we have sophisticated software that quickly filters out packets. In events of DDOS attacks, you won’t ever be charged for bandwidth that they used. Our DDOS protection automatically comes into effect within two minutes of a DDOS attack. It analyzes packets, then passes the offending ones through Arbor Peakflow boxes. Finally, our network of firewalls and mitigation systems cleans your traffic – allowing your visitors free and uninterrupted service to your website.

Contact us today for more information about our web hosting or ddos protection!

VPS Management – What’s Included

Clients commonly ask what is included in a managed VPS. A managed VPS is a big step up from a normal VPS, and a better question might be “What is not included in a managed VPS?”. This post will hopefully clear up, once and for all, what we include in our managed VPS.

Account Transfers & Migrations

We’re always available to transfer or migrate accounts for you. We will perform unlimited automatic migrations, and up to 50 manual migrations. Automatic migrations are migrations between cPanel and cPanel. Manual migrations are migrations between another control panel and cPanel, which must be completed manually. For this reason, we’ll migrate up to 50 accounts manually.

cPanel Troubleshooting/Questions & Website Problems

We fully support cPanel, and we will troubleshoot and solve any error within cPanel. Likewise, we will answer any technical or non-technical questions you may have about cPanel.

We fully support any websites hosted on your server. If your website is not working due to a server error, we will fix the error within our 1 hour response time guarantee.

Custom Configurations & Third-Party Software

We provide best-effort support for third party software and custom configurations. If you’re having issues with a script or looking to install custom software, we provide the best-effort support for third-party software. “Best-effort support” means that we will perform research and attempt to solve the problem, but we will not contact the vendor for support.

End-User Support (add-on)

For our clients who have outgrown our reseller packages, end user support is available on all managed VPS as an add-on service. We’ll give you the same end user support that our clients know and love on our reseller hosting for an additional $29/month.

Read about our end user support services.