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Why a DDoS Protected VPS Is Vital to Your Business Success

If you’re going to run a successful business, there are a few things you absolutely need from the web host that you’ll be relying on to keep your main business page connected to the Internet. Here are a few examples of web hosting features you need to get your business the best start possible.

High Quality Virtual Private Servers

If you just need hosting for a personal web page, then using shared hosting might be enough. But if you need to make sure that your business website will be able to take a high volume of visitors, you really need your own server space.

One way to do this cheaply is through a virtual private server which means that you get your own dedicated space on part of a server. The best hosts can provide you 3,000 GB of bandwidth this way, so you have plenty of room for growth.

DDoS Protection

Another important thing to ask from a host is protection from DDoS attacks. The truth is, the more popular you get online, the bigger the chances that you will become a target for these attacks. Denial of Service attacks happen when someone tries to overload a website’s server by connecting to it many times in a row.

Some hackers specifically target successful and well-known sites in order to gain notoriety on the Internet. That’s why it’s important to plan for the potential side effects of your eventual success.

An example of a host that has a DDoS Protected VPS option is HostMyBytes. If you want more information about how HostMyBytes can help you get ahead in your business, please contact us right away.